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Naive Optimism?

I made this comment in an earlier post and was just wondering if anyone could clarify my mistakes in considering what XRP could be.
"In an interview with Fortune, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse said the role of specific events is overstated in assessing the value of XRP. Instead, he attributed the currency’s value to its usefulness for processing transactions, and its ability to provide liquidity for big banks."
In regards to liquidity, today $10 may seem volatile but maybe using an example of gold in 1920 might help. Gold backed fiat currencies made exchange easier because rather than pegging one fiat to another (USD/Yuan) we had an asset everyone agrees represented overall supply. At the moment our system is subject to the strength of a nations currency to determine stability(import/export) However if we experience a large recession this can cause an avalanche effect(2008-2012 Great Recession) with global instability. If we have an agreed asset for exchange such as XRP for settlements then that would essentially be what gold was and prevent severe recessions(limit global impact).
Banks make large transactions, so considering banks in 1920 utilized gold and $20 was seen as a common denomination to transfer funds. With 1100% inflation until 2017 what would it be worth in today's dollars? Approximately $255.48, considering the population and production capacity of the time that would probably change to something higher.
I'm not claiming that XRP is gold, or will be a standard. However when banks start utilizing XRP they may be more concerned with its value than that of other currencies. Which would place a high demand on it and I can't see why that wouldn't be a big picture view for the future. If 2500 banks used XRP this way I can't see how exponential growth couldn't happen. Also it is a deflationary asset so enough holders and that will just multiply it's value along with escrow limiting supply.
I could just be totally wrong though, lol.
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Forex Today Strategy Session: Paris Attacks and its effects on EUR trading

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